Substance Abuse

Stated Addiction Center,“almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction, yet only 10% of them receive treatment. Drug overdose deaths have more than tripled since 1990.” American we have problems with substance abuse. Every day people are dying for this drug. But there are way people can get help with there addictions.

Effect of drugs: All of the substance are additied in one way or other. Substance has stimulant, Depressant, Hallucinogens.

Some of the substance has more effect on the body then others but still be deadly to the body.

With substance abuse cames more likelihood of doing crimes.

There are multiply place that you can get help with substance abuse in lawton oklahoma like H.A.L.T. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Jaynee Nelson (Private Practice) Lawton Oxford House There are more information in those website link that we can’t provide here.